Paula Montecinos

Paula Montecinos

DAS Choreography

Paula Montecinos is a Chilean artist and choreographer working in the field of dance and sound art. Her work integrates diverse strategies and art forms to research corporal perception and dynamic environments, combining somatic practice, sound experimentation and social enquiry.

Her creative practice is focused on cultivating kinetic and sound activities, following tidal movements, impulses, cycles, rhythms and flows within the body and outside of it, exploring spaces of sensitivity and coexistence between human and nonhuman bodies.

“My current research is activated by listening, nomadism and displacement. My desire is to move in-between formats and territories, in a search for materials, contexts and spaces, revealing their own idiosyncrasies. Listening, for me, is a mode of encounter, of being moved and moving through space; a strategy to disrupt and decenter human intentionality; to reconfigure performer-spectatorship relations and to explore presentness, change, resistance and re-existence”.

She is concerned with scales, responses and consequences of human actions; about space as living matter; about claiming back agencies that are lost, dismissed, or not acknowledged and about how bodily memory, voices and senses take place and combine in virtual and physical spaces.

She is thinking of the value of change: What changes and for what? What are the forced or organic changes and the ethics that these display? What is needed to fundamentally reconnect human activities with other living and nonliving beings? Which sensibilities are necessary for (can emerge from) transforming everything about the way we live on this planet?

La re-existencia es una irrupción que envuelve el pensamiento, la acción, el sentir y la percepción.

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