Maja Grzeczka

Maja Grzeczka

Mime School

My motivation to follow the Mime School ( from letter handed at the audition)

I find mime performance as a really authentic. In the way of structuring the piece, all process of it preparation, research , idea antecede eye catching movements.

I like to building the body awareness leading to higher presence on the stage, being aware of you being in the space and time, all visible for the audience.

With all professional background mime appears to stay humane then personate with showing off stars . There is a lot of space for emotions,, not those over emphasized and acted, rather subtly , softly effect the audience. ( generalizing - obviously it depends on convention) .

Here I come to the next essential point of mime education, namely - awareness of audience.

I have impression that sometimes spectators are treated really personal, leastways they are invited to the insight dialog


Other Projects

Mad Voices directed by Sanne Bokkers


The Invention of Evilness/A Invenção da Maldade,by Marcelo Evelin,Demolition Incorporada

description to bee seen at :


Dear friend, wolves have always eaten sheep, by Francesca Lazzeri

description to bee seen at


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