Akram Assam

Akram Assam

DAS Theatre

Akram Assam studied theater directing and performing at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad and at the Academy of Fine Arts Department of Theater at the University of Baghdad. Akram graduated in 2011.

Since then, he has been working as a director and performer in the field of theater and cinema.

He is a member of the National Theater Ensemble, the Baghdad Department of Cinema and Theater and the Ministry of Culture. He is also an art consultant in the Department of Theater Arts at the Tariq Institute for Contemporary Art in  Baghdad. Next to his work in theater and cinema he also works within the contemporary art scene by creating video installations.

He works from the effect of war on the human being and the impact this has on society. He uses topics such as the reality of memory, human's rights and women's rights. 

During his two years at DAS Theatre, Akram will further develop the techniques he's been using in his previous work such as movement, text and the more technical aspects such as lights, sound, music, video and life camera. The idea is to try to mix these elements and create a continuous laboratory where his work can manifest itself.   

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