SNDO Graduation Performance Raoni Muzho Saleh

You are warmly invited to the final presentation of SNDO graduating student Raoni Muzho Saleh. The performance is displayed as self-curated three hours durational event. The audience is invited to join this ongoing installation according to predetermined timeslots. Please read practical information further down.

Raoni Muzho Saleh about their graduation performance:

Lashes came
                      and cried a river . . .

is an durational affective journey of 3 hours, in which I want to create a space that holds GRIEF and PRAISE central. I aim to transform the stage into an incubation chamber, a fermentation womb that urges one’s empathic and visceral self into ‘hatching’. This work exists out of three components. The first is the live performance of Lashes. Lashes belongs to the ancient tradition of professional mourners, whose responsibility is not to grieve on behalf of the bereaved but to choreograph the expression of people’s grief so that it has a public dimension and does not consume the bereaved in its chaos. Lashes moans in order to mourn, continuously tuning into the moan as affect and the moan as expression. The second part is the research around the questions: what can we learn about loss from the ways textile surrounds us in times of grief? And, what does extending our emotional and sensuous selves into materials surrounding us, teach us about connecting to a larger sense of life? The third part is the soundscape that is an archive of the collective moaning sessions I held throughout the process of this work. In these sessions bodies joined in a dark space, where we emphatically listened to one another’s whining calls and responded with our own sighs and whimpers. Since I’m researching how to sustain a durational affective journey through my drag persona Lashes, I invite you to sink in the space and join me for the whole ride. 




Choreography: Raoni Muzho Saleh; Scenography: Sabine Okrouhlik and Raoni Muzho Saleh; Soundscape: Andrea Guterres; Advisor: Geo Wyeth; Poster design: Ahmed El Gendy; Much gratitude to: Stephanie Lühn, Bruno Listopad, Saskia de Vries, Metthew Day, Noha Ramadan, Ahmed El Gendy, Sabine Okrouhlik, Andrea Guterres, Geo Wyeth, Paula Montecinos, Martin Prechtel, Thomas Leijen, Lashes, Jacuzzi, the Crewing Angels and all those who insist on reshaping themselves in incubations.

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