Annefleur Schep

Annefleur Schep

DAS Theatre

Annefleur Schep (The Netherlands, 1983) is an Amsterdam-based theatre maker and performer. In her work she expresses a great love for culture-related questions, pseudo-science and for the manipulative qualities of languages. 

A trip to the Republic of Poland in 2004 inspired her to found IOOTCP, the institute that unofficially studies Polish culture. Here research is being conveyed through methods as 'manipulation of evidence', 'Googeling the unlikely' and 'stalking a Polish'. IOOTCP hosts Cultural Nights during which specific topics are being re-interpreted in cooperation with the audience. IOOTCP is in close contact with several portals to Polish culture in the Netherlands such as the Embassy of the Polish Republic in The Hague and the Slavic Department of the University of Amsterdam.

Annefleur studied both Theatre-studies at the University of Amsterdam and theatre-performing at de Amsterdamse Toneelschool&Kleinkunstacademie. Since her graduation in 2009 she has been performing in performances developed by others and by herself. Since 2013 she has committed herself to the work as an ambassador at IOOTCP.

photography: Randy Fokke

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