Goda Žukauskaitė

Goda Žukauskaitė

Moderne theaterdans

Contemporary dancer


Goda Žukauskaitė is a contemporary dancer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She was born in Lithuania. Since childhood, she has been practising dance and theatre. Goda was playing in Youth Dance Theatre Aglija for 8 years, after she was studying acting/contemporary dance for 2 years in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Goda was a dancer/actress in two professional theatres in Lithuania - Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre and The State Small Theatre of Vilnius for 4 years. Later she moved to Amsterdam to study Modern Theatre Dance in Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. Goda is constantly taking workshops with world leading choreographers/dancers, creating her own performances (amongst others st.One and Rite. Moving fire). Recently she comes back to Lithuania to lead some workshops for dancers and non dancers. Since 2015 she has been a guest teacher in Humane Education School “Open Lesson” (Vilnius, Lithuania). Also, she is currently developing her own Live Movement Practice method, starting to create an experimental contemporary art theatre Marsroot.

Goda’s dance practise is very much related to theatre, finding connections with people and space around, searching for new ways of moving, challenging herself, looking for different perspectives of dance, trying to talk within the movement, bring the state or open up the senses. She has a lot of experience in site specific projects, collaboration with other art disciplines. In moving wise - Goda loves to challenge herself with body possibilities and stamina, push some boundaries within it as well as surrender in it. She is a dancer, who loves to use an improvisation as the main tool to create or perform and play not just shapes of movements, but fulfill it with presence and overall body/mind experience. 

Other Projects

  • The series of unsuccessful events / MTD3 students 
  • Mr. Lonely / Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben 
  • Crack in Dawn / Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo
  • Hurricane / Estefano Romani  
  • The Flock / Roser Lopez Espinosa  
  • Deep water is deep / Goda Zukauskaite and Pontus Fager  
  • Adjusted Pictures of Ever-Moving Thoughts / Keren Levi  
  • st.One / a solo by Goda Zukauskaite performed in the Netherlands and Lithuania 


  • Bitter Sweet Dance/Liat Waysbort - performance Titanic (remake of Ohad Naharin’s Sinking of the Titanic
  • Kalpanarts dance company / Kalpana Raghuraman - performance Simeon
  • Various projects with musicians, visual artists, actors.

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