Sara Anjo De Freitas

Sara Anjo De Freitas

I’m a dot and a line mapping and drifting through the world, tracking lineages, tracing histories, contaminating and pollinating my identity trough movement, dance and choreography.

I was born in an island and as an islander, the permanent contact with the open horizon landscape of the sea has developed on me a desire for the beyond of what I could reach. Dancing, improvising, choreographing, continually satisfies this need, it is where I feel my awareness reaching new realities and diving into the unknown.

My artistic research focuses on the dialectics between extra and ordinary perception. I’m interested in exploring the boundaries of (extra)ordinariness. What defines ordinary and extraordinary? What is implicit an explicit in ordinary and extraordinary perception?

The outdoors environment and the natural landscape of the island, has influenced my aesthetics and made me interested in the dialogue between in and  outdoor practices.

How do we dialogue between in and outdoor practices, where we can explore the relations between a four-wall environment - such as the studio and stage, and open-horizon environments found in urban and rural landscapes? I’m focused on how our perception operates between micro and macro scales, between an inner- and outer-perception of the world. For the body that moves, space is primarily a kinaesthetic perception, a perception that is extended out of the body and at the same time embodying the space. How do our senses navigate through space, time and perception?

Therefore, my focus is the perceptual body idiosyncrasy trough an in + out choreographed practice.
My research is inspired by the choreographer Anna Halprin, with whom I have studied in 2010 and by Ponderosa Movement Discovery (Stolzenhagen/Germany).

Apart of being an islander I have explored mainland, specifically Lisbon and Berlin. It’s where I’ve done my studies in Performing Arts, Contemporary Art and Yoga and where I been developing my work, as a performer, teacher and choreographer together with my peers.

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