DasArts Master Proof: In a time of disaster

Master Proof Project by Leila Anderson (DasArts - Master of Theatre).

At the centre of the space is a spinning disc: a constantly turning surface, open to creation. It is a microcosmic experiment in becoming.

The work is inspired by ‘miracle paintings’, in which tragedies are averted through divine intervention. But in our present time, in which gods and states no longer inspire confidence, what leap of faith can we ourselves make?

In a Time of Disaster transforms your perception of image, materiality and time. You are invited into an experiential contemplation that draws attention to what is small, in a moment in time dominated by the large.

Location & dates
Grootlab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam
5 & 6 February 2016




Created in collaboration with: Ana Wild, Chiara Wilde, Stan Wannet, Gertjan Franciscus. Advice: Lisa Skwirblies, Edit Kaldor.

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