Julien Bruneau

Julien Bruneau

DAS Choreography

Julien Bruneau (B) lives in Brussels where he first studied visual art at La Cambre. His artistic research led him towards dance, his main activity since then. He develops his own choreographic work, collaborating with people involved in various fields - dance, music, visual arts, photography, performed poetry or philosophy - for set pieces, improvisation projects and researches. He is currently working on an on-line publication for Oral Site (Sarma) in order to document and reflect upon his project “phréatiques”.

My research is based on an on-going project initiated in June 2010. It is called "phréatiques", and work on the combination of dance, drawing and verbal thinking. All the process relies on the creation of scores. Most of them involve collective composition as well as they solicit individuals' interiority. By its multi-disciplinary nature, this project produces various outcomes, and leads to different formats: performance, exhibition, publication.

Within the course, the research will be focused on applying those tools to aspects of our contemporary "mythology". Gestures, images and speech circulating in and around us will be deconstructed by the means of scores, bringing cultural signs and intimate states in interplay. Cognitive anthropology would be an important theoretical input to the practice, mainly for its inquiries on trance of possession.

Maya Dalinsky, Laure Myers, Anouk Llaurens, Jeroen Peeters and Sonia Si Ahmed will collaborate to the research for which I receive support from Sarma, Bains Connective and Netwerk.

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