Ginger is the working title of the graduate production to be staged by the Modern Theatre Dance Study Programme.

Ginger is a spicy edible root but also the name of a well-known American actor and dancer – a style icon of her day. Her name’s ambiguity offers the choreographer and dancers lots of opportunity for improvisation.

The body and shared space The choreography in Ginger is based on how the individual relates to the group. Departure point is experiencing the body as a space and that same body moving in space. This choreography is defined by how substance relates to emptiness.

The body manifests itself as a territory of its own, an enormous area where different actions occur simultaneously and find expression. By exchanging information and knowledge while working together, we change constantly. This transformation and interaction lend form to the dancing body in a shared space. 
‘Dancing like a web, a sketch with multiplying  motifs, A whirlwind that stirs dancing leaves, causing them to chase each other, scatter and regroup.
Dancing as materialization of sound, bodies as a topography of a musical score,
Space as time.



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