A suspended gesture from me to you

In the final presentation, Jorge Gonçalves unfolds different situations of his research. He is investigating the processes of indexicality and focalization, applied to the ways that a demonstrator manages the self-referential spaces that appear between he and himself, and him and the other. A demonstrator, as defined by Bertolt Brecht, is someone that is always transferring himself in-between two states, the one that demonstrates and the subject of demonstration. He reveals a witnessed situation by telling how it happened while showing how it happened.




Jorge Gonçalves (PT) is a choreographer, performer and teacher. With Ana

Rocha, he co-directs the Portuguese based structures Obra Madrasta and

MEZZANINE. In collaboration with several artists such as Ludger Lamers,

Ana Mira, Isabel Valverde, António Caramelo and Ana Rocha, he developed

productions that have been presented internationally: Duet (2006),

Fiction (2009), Gilet (2009), Antoine (2010), Third Act (2010), Open

Season (2011), Conquest, Deborah Hay’s solo adaptation (2011). The

physicality that he is working on is a gestural research that is based

in applying quotidian gestures and actions related to the operations of

relating to the other or himself, as for an example, talking, pointing,

telling, describing. concept and performance Jorge Gonçalves artistic

collaboration Ana Rocha external mentor Peter Stamersupport MEZZANINE

thanks: Andrea Božić, Daniel Kok, Goro Tronsmo, Keith Lim, Hanna

Hegenscheidt, Jeroen Fabius, Philipp Gehmacher, Sabina Holzer, Sher

Doruff, Sybille Müller and my AMCh’s colleagues.

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