Christina Ciupke

Christina Ciupke

Each performance quietly requires you to phase-shift your perceptions and anticipation. Being frequently a spectator of performance work, I am dedicated and bent on suspending my viewing habits for the duration of the experience I am offered. Being the author and performer, it is a fundamental basis my daily practice to work towards a state of expectation and speculation. My artistic approach / practice pursues an intention to create a particular experience for an audience and each piece of work is an invitation and challenge at the same time – aiming for a state of being sensory, associative, contemplative and unresolved. How can the unexpected provoke and complete the expected? Making a performance is for me an exciting process involving negotiations: between the intention and a place, between individual collaborators and between predictable as well as unpredictable parameters. 

Some of the things I make are more resolved than others. Some give a lot, whilst others are more open, challenging the willingness of the spectator to actively, (imaginatively) join in and investigate. Through a kind of physical intensity, I try to establish a direct dialogue and intimacy between me as a performer and you as the viewer - as happens when watching a film, where you build up over the duration of the story your own intimate relationship with the protagonist and they become part of your reality.

To begin my research at AMCH I have chosen to investigate mapping the correlation and area of conflict between the notions of ”projection, retrospection and speculation” focusing on performative moments in a broader context.

Christina Ciupke is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin. She develops projects in collaboration with artists from dance and other fields of art. She has worked with photographer Gisela Dichert, choreographer Myriam Gourfink, composers Kasper Toeplitz, Martin Schüttler, Nirto Karsten Fischer. From 2003 to 2004 she was guest artist at ZKM (center for art and media) in Karlsruhe. She maintains ongoing collaborations with artists such as Nik Haffner, Lucy Cash, Mart Kangro, Lars Ø Ramberg and Boris Hauf.

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