Diego Gil

Diego Gil

DAS Choreography

I am a choreographer nurturing my practice through the notion of "movement" which is something ephemeral, invisible and indeterminate. I give consistency to movement asking some questions about existence which I hope could give some weight to its lightness: Could we self determine ourselves through movement? Could we transform anxieties? Could we mutate feelings? Could we give a lighter quality to remembrances? Could we become more open?

The choreographic practice has included more and more people through the years, two, three, four, five and forty five. Working in an independent mode, this has risen questions about modes of production (fragmentation, intensification and extension of the resources given by institutions) and ethics of collaboration (subtraction of the role of choreographer, collective point of view towards the unknown, importance of sensitivity versus ideology).

An important factor that play a role when doing choreographies was the practice of thinking and writing. This practice connected me with intuition and served me to find inner motivation, to create principles of movement or to organize the material in a choreographic plane. It also felt like the right anchor to fold and unfold the chance nature of movement.

In the AMCh I will open into a table of operation the interest of the dynamic between "material" and "potential" that movement and existence presented to me. Bringing into diverse form of expression the analysis of such dynamics: written text, voice, sound and light. Maybe only staying in one form of expression ....(We still don't know what time could do).

I write here the last way in which I formulate the question of the research:

If people and all type of living creatures are in a constant state of genetic development how to crystallize forms of expression transmitting (non typical) emotions or (non typical) human conditions, that preserves the transition between growth and materialization? And a bit more challenging: How to find forms of expression not necessarily transmitted via the human body?

The work of Diego Gil is supported by Veemtheater, Amsterdam (NL), Fabrik Potsdam (D)

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