Jeanine Durning

Jeanine Durning

Based in NYC, Jeanine Durning’s work as a choreographer, performer and teacher is rooted in the physical body and the multiplicity of its expression and experience. She sees these aspects of her practice (making, performing and teaching) as integral to and informing each other. She has collaborated as a performer in the work of Deborah Hay, Susan Rethorst, Chris Yon, David Dorfman, Lance Gries, Bebe Miller, Martha Clarke and others.

Since 1998, Durning has been creating both solo and group performances on a project basis with a core group of collaborators. In New York, Dance Theatre Workshop and Danspace Project have supported her choreographic work. She has received numerous commissions from Universities, independent performers and repertory companies to create original work.

Central to her creative interests and choreographic practice in the last few years are the overlapping ideas of memory, biography and documentary, within and through the structure of live performance. Her works, ‘out of a kennel, into a home’ (2005) and ‘Ex-Memory: waywewere’ (2009) further these ideas as well as explore the theatrical experience as a (re)constructed reality.

Durning’s current research through AMCh has to do with fundamental questions of how body/movement, thought/imagination and language/speech interact and intersect.

Her work as a teacher is an integral part of her ongoing inquiry of dance, performance and daily life. With attention to imagination, perception and sensation as it relates to movement, Jeanine focuses on composition and alternative techniques for the contemporary performer and choreographer.


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