Carolien Hermans

Carolien Hermans

DAS Choreography

With a professional background in dance, performing arts and new media, Carolien Hermans works as a dance maker in Amsterdam. Since January 2005 she is affiliated to ARTI (Art, Research, Theory and Innovation research group of the Amsterdam School of the Arts) where she is preparing a practice-based research.

Other Projects

‘Remake Oneself’ (2003)
A video-installation in which Carolien depicted herself as a gorilla living in the forest. In the video, which is in fact more of a nature documentary, she sits in a tree, not doing anything more than sitting, looking and chewing on the leaves of the tree.   The video explores the borderline between real and fake, nature and culture, human and animal. Shown at the ITs Festival, Amsterdam.

‘Trilogy’ (2003)
First price NPS webdance competition. ‘Trilogy’ is an interactive online web project which consists of three animations:

  • The Elbow Room
  • Me, my bag and the car
  • Jump the gun

‘Flock’ (2003/2004)
3D interactive installation. In collaboration with Benjamin Scheers and students of the HKU. ‘Flock’ is a 3D team-player game for theatre performance or as a stand-alone installation. Five players volunteering from the audience embark on a mission where they have to collaborate closely to navigate the flock through an ever-changing atmospheric landscape.
Shown in: Wintertuin Festival, Nijmegen (December 2003);  Waag Society, Amsterdam (January 2004), Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht (May 2004), Noordelijk Film Festival , Leeuwarden (November 2004), Campzone, outdoor game festival, Biddinghuizen (July 2004), Festival  <05>, Theater Kikker, Utrecht (February 2005), Something Raw Festival (February 2005) and Lowlands 2005.

‘Do you want to dance with me?’ (2004)
Graduation performance with Kyungsun Baek, Pere Gay and Guillem Mont de Palol. A cow, a police woman and three dancers show their loneliness in this open invitation to dance with one another.
Performed at the Theaterschool Amsterdam

Trilogy paperThis paper describes ‘Trilogy’, a project created for the internet. ‘Trilogy’ consists of three animations made in Flash and explores interactivity in webdance animations. The website won the first price of the NPS (Dutch Broadcasting association) competition ‘Webdans’ in 2003.Download Trilogy paper (PDF)

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