Andrea Bozic

Andrea Bozic

DAS Choreography

Before coming to Amsterdam, Andrea Bozic studied modern dance in Croatia, and earned a degree in the English Language and Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Zagreb. In Amsterdam, she graduated from the School for New Dance Development (1999). She makes installation and interdisciplinary performance work, as well as short dance film and short interventions and most of it exists as a patchwork of disciplines.

Andrea works at the Gasthuis Theatre/Frascati in Amsterdam in collaboration with other co-producers and presents her performance work in Holland and internationally.

Other Projects

He Thought He Saw An Elephant' (2003)

“And for everything which is visible, there is a copy of that which is hidden” - Gary Hill
In ‘He Thought He Saw An Elephant’ people and moments exist in-between spaces. They emerge on stage from behind the black curtains only to disappear once again. A performance inhabited by real and imaginary people moving through a landscape of constantly shifting atmospheres, like scrambled pieces of a puzzle. The centre is everywhere and the focus constantly shifts.

Concept/choreography: Andrea Bozic in collaboration with Video: Adnan Hasovic Dance: Irene van Geest Silke Hundertmark/Adva Zakai Ute Pliestermann Music: Alex Schaub Advice: Robert Steijn Light design: Ellen Knops Production: Sarah van Lamsweerde
Financially supported by the FAPK, co-produced by Theater Gasthuis.
Performed at Theater Gasthuis, Amsterdam, Losstheater, Maastricht and the Dance Week Festival, Zagreb

'It’s Me But I’m No Longer There' (2004)
A performance with an absent performer for two active audience members.

Please come inside… this is my room. Feel free to have a good look and play around. Feel free to make a lot of mess. Feel free to destroy things.
Just bear in mind: someone is watching what you are filming. Someone can hear how you are moving.

See you later!

What happens to theatre when there are no performers left? When the audience alone has to make theatre alive? ’It’s Me But I’m No Longer There’ inverts the relationship between distance and intimacy, presence and memory, voyeurism and privacy, documentary and invented, counting on the play instinct:

It is an open door to my room that I left just recently. Does it still say something about me, even if I am no longer there? Am I still in my hair after it is cut, am I in the books I have read, in the photos of me, in the smell I left in the clothes, in a secret letter I hid, in the particular setup of the room? The audience is invited to enter my room and play.

Concept, installation, text: Andrea Bozic Programming: Pit Perrin Advice: Sher Doruff Production: Adnan Hasovic
Presented at the Theaterschool Amsterdam, Something Raw Festival, Frascati, Amsterdam, Impact symposium at the PACT Zollverein, Essen, Dansateliers at the Dansnacht, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Archined – Digitale Stad and Stroom/Zeebelt, den Haag,

Read Andrea’s text about the installation ‘It’s Me But I’m No Longer There’ (PDF)

‘Ways To Multiply Yourself’
A performance for a body viewed by two cameras and split into several audio and video projection surfaces. The piece demonstrates how to multiply yourself, how to be at two places at the same time and how to be more than one person at the same time. It gives an answer to the question: am I imagining myself? The answer is: yes.

Research presented at the Theaterschool in 2004
Research credits: Concept, video installation and choreography: Andrea Bozic Programming: Pit Perrin Video: Adnan Hasovic Guest performer: Monika Haasova

The performance was further developed in 2005:
Concept, choreography, text: Andrea Bozic in collaboration with Video and animation: Julia Willms Sound: Robert Pravda External eye: Sher Doruff Production: Theater Gasthuis
Made possible with the financial support of the FAPK and AFK
Performed at the Gasthuis Theatre, Amsterdam, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Dance Week Festival, Zagreb

Read Andrea’s text about the performance “Ways to multiply Yourself” (PDF)

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