Andrea Božić

Andrea Božić graduated in Comparative Literature and English Language from the University of Zagreb, and studied contemporary dance in Amsterdam, at the School for New Dance Development and Amsterdam Master of Choreography at the Academy for Theatre and Dance. Julia Willms studied Visual Communications at the Visual Arts Academy in Maastricht and Media Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Božić and Willms been working together in various constellations since 2004. In 2009 they and sound artist Robert Pravda founded interdisciplinary platform TILT to inspire and support artistic practice and beyond-discipline thinking. TILT is based in Amsterdam and presents work internationally at festivals, theatres and museums.

The work reorganizes perception and asks questions about attention and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and distribution of authorship. The work variously takes the form of live performances, installations, film, photographic collages, drawings and collaborations with the weather and the night sky. They are often site-responsive.  All individual projects are part of larger constellations both within their own work and in collaborations with others. Andrea is co-initiator and co-curator of the We Live Here summer academy and Come Together festival and she tutors at DAS Theatre. Božić and Willms are co-founders of BAU, the platform for dance and performance in Amsterdam.

Spectra – Space As An Organism

Is this world the only possible reality?

Is it the best possible reality?

Is it an accurate reality at all?

Our research is part of ‘Spectra – space as an organism’, a long-term artistic project by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms in which we engage with the whole space and the audience’s presence in it as part of the work. There is no ‘outside’. We are not in the space; we are space.

Spectra is a research into how to develop a long-term sustainable artistic practice where all processes and relations are part of the work and where knowledge generated in artistic practice can be applied to processes outside of art. The focus of our research this year is on how we relate to the infrastructures we have inherited: how the way spaces are organised affects how we think, move, relate to each other and feel; imagining new organisations of space and new ways we can inhabit it, embody it, move through it or share it.  As a case study we will work from interdisciplinary perspectives with the Grootlab building and its history and environment through a series of research labs and encounters with peers and have a series of Spectra appearances in Amsterdam. Our research approach is poetic: we apply organic and natural principles and dream logic to existing infrastructures. Recapturing poetic logic is a proposal for a way to re-imagine and re-engage with the world and to reclaim agency over our attention.

Spectra appearances

10-11 November 2016, Spectra: The Passage – Episode 1 

Mora dates soon