Local School Research Group

DAS Research is keen to nurture the innovatory function of arts education and to further encourage individual research projects by guest and staff lecturers. To these ends, in 2016 DAS Research set up a new research group with a thematic focus on the value to the performing arts of locality, the city, community and connection.

DAS Research offers a wide range of experimental and/or practical research areas in theatre studies and the social sciences, with theory, reflection and artistic practice functioning as natural partners for the furthering of artistic research. In addition to working on their individual research projects, researchers will meet regularly to compare notes on their process, approach, methodology, any problems they may be encountering and possible outcomes of their projects.

While still in its pioneering phase Local School research is investing in a number of experimental research projects relating to its core area of interest. The outcome of these projects will help define longer-term areas of focus. Research projects such as these could lead to a proposal for a follow-up project of a larger and longer-term scale.


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