Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance

The research group Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance offers teachers and students a space for encounter and research on this area of interest. By prioritising the bodily, practice-based knowledge that characterises the transitory arts of theatre and dance this research group strives to contribute to the renewal, diversification and enrichment of existing theatre-historical and dance-historical narratives. 




Teachers and students from the ATD are invited to contribute to the research. For teachers through the inaugural session of the ATD’s Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance working group and for students through the research seminar What a Body can do. If you are interested, please apply!

Postdoc research

As from 1 september 2019 Marijn de Langen will perform a two year postdoc research within DAS Research. Her research proposal: ‘The Past Bubbles around Us: Mime Archives in the Public Domain' was approved in January 2019 by SIA. In this research, De Langen brings together theatre heritage and embodied knowledge by posing the question of how it might be possible to open up the Dutch mime archives, prioritising a focus on the embodied knowledge they hold.



Marijn de Langen, PhD

Marijn de Langen, PhD, is coordinator of the research group Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance. De Langen is a postdoctoral researcher en theory teacher at the ATD’s Mime Bachelor’s degree study programme as from 2002. In 2017 she successfully defended her doctoral thesis 'Mime denken: Nederlandse mime als manier van denken in en door de theaterpraktijk' ('Dutch Mime: a distinct mode of thought in theatre practice'), Utrecht University. Some of De Langens publications include: 

- 'Turning, Turning. Theory is Movement' in Theory II Art II Practices. Marijn de Langen en Peter Sonderen, red. Arnhem: 2017 ArtEZ Press, 157-180

- Het is / It is: Negen ontmoetingen tussen theatermakers. Samenstelling en redactie. Amsterdam: 2016 de Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek