Marien Jongewaard

Marijn van der Jagt and Czeslaw de Wijs (2018)

In a total of four conversations, Marien Jongewaard talks about the beginning, New West, the performances, the sources, the importance of art and the collaborations. The book is complemented by an old monologue and a new dialogue, 3 descriptions of works of art and 6 memories of performances. Czeslaw de Wijs is the editor of the book.

About the series

In collaboration with the Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek, DAS Research has started the series: "Conversations with Makers" (Original: "Gesprekken met Makers"). The series aims to contribute to the memory of theatre in the Netherlands. The practice, thinking and knowledge of performing artists themselves are focal aspects of the series. We want to offer makers the opportunity to speak out in their own language, and from their own experience and interest.

Ordering information

The booklet is available at the Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek and is available in Dutch only.

Marien Jongewaard
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