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Apply for Queer Feedback Sessions - Spring 2024

Queer Feedback Sessions

IPOP’s Queer Feedback Sessions is an artistic pedagogical research project exploring theories and methodologies for queering performance feedback while supporting the development of LGBTQ+ artist. Meeting regularly participants are given the chance to present their work to a cohort of peers and to devise techniques for receiving feedback tailored to their needs and desires.

Through this process IPOP seeks to explore several key research questions. What kinds of techniques and approaches best facilitate useful critique for queer performance? How do spaces, groups, and pedagogies need to be designed to promote the critical development of LGBTQ+ artists? What does it mean to “queer” feedback and how can queer feedbacking principles and techniques support performance pedagogies more broadly?

To read more about our first year’s findings please see our publication Queering Artistic Feedback Zine (PDF.)


Apply for Queer Feedback Sessions - Spring 2024