AHK Day of the Teacher-Researcher

Dates/times: February 2, 12.30 - 18.00
Location/s: Academy of Theatre and Dance, Studio 604
Contributors: Teacher-researchers from all across the AHK
Includes shy* play: workshop by Aster Arribas + Antje Nestel

In collaboration with: Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation (CoECI)

There is a wealth of research going on within the AHK, and there is a lot of urgency and dedication in the projects that we execute. However, we hardly find the opportunities to get together throughout the different academies, and exchange about the content of our research practices. So, let’s come together! Welcome to the third edition of the AHK Day of the Teacher-Researcher on February 2, 13-17. This event, hosted by AHK Research Centre,  is meant for all teacher-researchers within the AHK, at any stage of their research, at any level of education. This year’s theme: Interdisciplinary encounters. ATD researcher Marijn de Langen curates this edition. We will first have lunch, then work in the afternoon in smaller interdisciplinary groupings around a few larger research themes. One of these will be around (neuro)diversity within education, featuring the “Shy, introverted and neurodivergent play” project, developed by ATD teacher-researcher, Aster Arribas in collaboration with HvA researcher, Antje Nestel.

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