Suzan Tunca

Suzan Tunca


DAS Research
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THIRD Cohort 1

THIRD Fellow (Cohort 1), DAS Research

Suzan Tunca (1975) studied theatre dance at the highschool for the arts in Arnhem. Since 1998 she has worked as a dancer, choreographer and choreographic assistant in the Netherlands and internationally. Until 2005 she collaborated among others with Krisztina de Châtel and Dylan Newcomb.  With her solo works, she invested in a long term dialogue between the dancing body and the development of interactive music technology transcribing motion into sound.  Between 2005-2013 she danced with Emio Greco | PC.  In 2007 she was nominated for the “swan most impressive dance performance” in the Netherlands. 2015 she completed a research MA artistic research at the University of Amsterdam with the video work and live performance “The Logic of the Dancing Body” and a written thesis “Esoteric Dimensions in the Logic of the Dancing Body.”

She is currently researching dance at ICK dans amsterdam under the thematic umbrella of dance documentation, notation and transfer. 
Suzan Tunca is enrolled at PHDarts as a PhD candidate. 

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