Roos van Berkel

Roos van Berkel


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Research Group Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance

Researcher, Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance
Teacher, Expanded Contemporary Dance

Educated at Laban London and LIMS New York, I am based in Amsterdam since 2008 and work as a choreographer, performer and teacher in the field of dance and design. In that same year I started to teach at ATD’s Modern Theatre Dance department. Currently I teach at the new department Expanded Contemporary Dance. My parttime teaching position and the work within this research group inform my interdisciplinary artistic practice and vice versa.

My research focuses on the readers I have developed for my classes: what do they articulate? And what do they not articulate? Informed by Euro-American Western perspectives on dance, which norms and values are (unconsciously) embedded? And do those norms and values connect to or clash with less Western-oriented views on dance? I am currently collecting my findings under the umbrella of this research group as well as the upcoming ‘MTD Legacy’-publication. I have been part of this research group since its initiation. It is a warm bath of artistic exchanges between teachers from different departments at the ATD.

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