Nikita Maheshwary

Nikita Maheshwary


DAS Research
Research Group
THIRD Cohort 3

THIRD Fellow (Cohort 3), DAS Research

Nikita Maheshwary is a performance maker, researcher and curator. Empaneled with Indian Council of Cultural Relations, she has trained extensively in classical Indian dance-theatre form of Kathakali, Post-Modern dance techniques and Improvisation.

As a multidisciplinary artist, her inquiries lie at the nexus of gender, culture and identity. She is deeply invested in telling stories of plurality, class divides and of female agency. Currently based in the Netherlands, she is a fellow of THIRD Cycle Research Group at the DAS Graduate School; and continues to serve as the festival director for the Natya Ballet Centre, New Delhi.

More infos on her research here at DAS: Naachne-waali (Dancing-girl)
 noun: a professional female dancer 

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