Miguel E. Keerveld

Miguel E. Keerveld


DAS Research
Research Group
THIRD Cohort 4

THIRD Fellow (Cohort 4), DAS Research

Over 15 years, Miguel E. Keerveld (Suriname, 1982) works as an independent artist. In conjunction with the brand EdKe and the performance persona Tumpi Flow, creative productions are related to social practice.

Educated as a civil technical engineer, ‘he’ operates with a focus on visual language and creative writing. Within the intersection of methodology and spontaneity, ‘she’ performs activism as hybrid-intuitive process. As researcher ‘it’ is focused on activating performative politics and on manifesting social rituals, both related to creative counseling as a form of civic engineering. These activities relate to a cyborg feminist project for interventions to culture and in nature.

Miguel was managing director of DEAM Advisory during a decade. This position included curating in- and outdoor decorations for several events, and management support services related to ISO 9001 certification. In 2016, Miguel shifted focus and collaborates with MISSION 21: a network of youth, artists, and counselors.


As a research-based project, deeep blue explores beyond the territorial. To develop a pedagogy of encounter, the concept I kroywara I: I walk with you, you walk with I is the project’s main grid. This research contributes to a global vision for the 21st century.

In dialogues with The Climate of History: Four Theses by Dipesh Chakrabarty, the research aims to develop a performance philosophy based on inclusion. In this pursuit, it questions whether globalization and global warming have been born out of overlapping processes, based on human understanding of the world. To create awareness of socio-political and ecological change, human agency and universal subjectivity relate to this inter-multidisciplinary process. Therefore, European, African, and Native American technologies entangle as a High-Level-Structure. Beside this diversity of knowledge systems, the project conjoins with Kundalini (an Indian spiritual and supernatural power in humans). In problematizing place and history, the research focuses on space and time as not yet colonized.

To promote reconceptualized identification, the project’s rituals are inspired by earth’s altering ability. This layered complex process is based on the problematization of national identity.

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