Fleur van den Berg

Fleur van den Berg


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Research Group Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance

Researcher, Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance
Teacher, Mime

Fleur van den Berg (Gouda 1981) is a teacher at the Academy for Theatre and Dance (ATD) of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), teaching corporeal mime technique, movement research and physical theatre. Based both in The Netherlands and in Spain, her work as a teacher, advisor, performer and director is internationally orientated.

Fleur's research revolves around translation. She is working on the Dutch edition ‘Woorden over mime’, a Dutch translation of a collection of essays from 1963 on corporeal mime, written by the creator of this technique: Etienne Decroux. The book ‘Paroles sur le mime’ was written and developed by Decroux between the 30’s and the late 60’s. Translating this theoretical work, a key publication within the international mime field, implies a profound study of the thinking process of its author. This allows us to have a better understanding of the content and knowledge which stimulates the development of the artistic practice of corporeal mime technique, and especially of the way this landed in the Netherlands in the Mime study programme at ATD.

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