Cecilia Vallejos

Cecilia Vallejos


DAS Research
Research Group
THIRD Cohort 3

THIRD Fellow (Cohort 3), DAS Research

Developing a trajectory as a theatre director, Cecilia Vallejos has oriented her practice toward dramaturgies of texts based on testimonial narratives. From 2003 to 2014, she produced a versatile way of working based on statements, biographical accounts and recollections of stories.

In the year 2011, she started collaborating with domestic workers and artists of the Union of Cleaners (FNV) in producing joint projects, in particular videos and publications as part of the group’s ongoing struggle for legalisation of their labour. This unique association between artists and non-artists, in combination with the tactics of visualisation to reach out to and work for a different public, situated her skills and research procedures anew. In 2015 she earned a second academic degree at the University of Amsterdam on the topic of the conceptual understanding of art practices connected to specific contexts.

More infos on her research here at DAS: clikc here!

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