Carly Everaert

Carly Everaert


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Research Group Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance

Researcher, Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance
Teacher, Scenography


Carly Everaert has designed costumes for more than 200 stage productions, ranging from huge operas to intimate dialogues, in the Netherlands and Germany. Her costumes are extremely colorful (‘I used to describe myself as painter,’), literally and figuratively multi-layered (many of them are collages of found clothing materials, tailored to fit each actor’s body – ‘their bodies are my inspiration’) and gender fluid (see interview).

In my research Maria Ines Villasmil (SNDO) and I developed a movement workshop about the question how knowledge can be found in the body itself. I wrote a lecture titled ‘Creating spaces for other(ed)’. It was my contribution to the annual Costume, Scenography and Critical Theory symposium at the Arts University of Bournemouth (2021). And I interviewed Esther Snelder, who teaches acting at the Mime School on what happens if you perform on stage in your own clothes: Is there a moment when your experience shifts, when you cross an invisible boundary between clothing and costume?’

Together with Sjoerd Wagenaar she started and lead the master scenography of the Frank Mohr Instituut in Groningen. She teaches costume design at the theatre school Amsterdam (AHK) and design workshops at Theatre Day Production in Gaza. She is an active member of the open Platform Scenography.

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