Jeroen Fabius

Jeroen Fabius is currently Artistic Director of DAS Choreography, and teaches at the School for New Dance Development courses such as Dance History and Concept Development since 1991 and is part of the educational team of DAS Theatre. He graduated in Communication Studies in 1985 at the University of Amsterdam and at the SNDO in 1990. He has worked for ten years as choreographer, in Singel, as dancer, among others with Sasha Waltz, Ulrike Neumann, and actor, and regularly works as dramaturge in artistic projects of Lina Issa, Mette Ingvartsen, Aitana Cordero, Pere Faura, Andrea Božić and Keren Levi. He is the editor of the book Talk / SNDO 1982-2006 (2009) about the history of the School for New Dance Development.
He is currently working on his PhD with the University of Utrecht, title: “Closely watching moving bodies, minimal dance as exercise of perceptual learning and attunement. Choreographies of Trisha Brown and Meg Stuart as micropolitical explorations of kinesthesia.”