Call for applications | DAS Choreography

Tuesday 20 November 2018
DAS Graduate School
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS Amsterdam

The call for applications for the year 2019–20 is now open. Application material is due by November 20, 2018.

Artists who have established a professional practice and are seeking possibilities for further reflection and development can increase their research skills at DAS Choreography. The individual artistic practice is the point of departure and will be the guiding thread of the course design.

This non-residential programme comprised of seminars, residencies and individual mentoring facilitates the development of an intensive and sustained dialogue. In the words of graduates, it offers a place to "slow down the chaos," "allow for being overwhelmed and not knowing," and "allow time for insisting on one thing." In short, it offers space for creating conditions for deepening artistic practices.

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Please send an email to

DAS Graduate School was established by the Academy of Theatre and Dance (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) in order to bring its master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. We offer an environment where new ideas, approaches and practices can be instigated and exchanged; a place of research and development, meant to have an impact on the future of the performing arts field.