Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge

Sunday 07 July 2024, 12:30 - 21:00 hrs.
keienbergweg 21
1101EZ Amsterdam

Afternoon show 12.30-16.00; Evening show 17.30-21.00

 “We dedicate this fashion show to our ancestors. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Our traditional costumes combine thousands of years of experience and knowledge of nature philosophers, shamans, nature healers, midwives, plant experts, hunters, forest experts, fishermen, farmers and administrators of ancient civilizations with their own art and culture. Cultures that are now under threat, but we are here still! All the ways in which we engage with our culture is 'medicine'.” Dwayne Toemere


Wayamu Woreyan & SCV Masaraipono

The unique event 'Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge' will take place in Studio Rooff on Sunday, July 7, 2024. You are very welcome during our fashion show with Indigenous designs on the catwalk manufactured by designers from the Surinamese Indigenous community. It's going to be a beautiful unique performance framed with storytelling and musical performances by Indigenous groups and spoken word artist Amberley Bernabela.

Surinamese catering is available, both vegan and non-vegan.

There is a afternoon show from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM and an evening show from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

You can get tickets for this

purchase via this link. http://www.wasjikwa.com/EVENTS/

There are limited tickets available, so be quick!

The 'Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge' project focuses on raising awareness of the Surinamese Indigenous history and culture: we travel back in time together with culture makers to explore our to commemorate ancestors and exchange lost knowledge. We do this through two master classes led by two professionals in the field of art and culture and also workshops to work together on the development of Indigenous costumes.

We share this experience live with a wide audience through the event 'Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge' and a follow-up

publication of a Wasjikwa Magazine Special, in which portraits and stories of the different designers is captured for generations to come.

The descendants carry Indigenous values in their DNA and contemporary culture makers keep these values ​​alive and

visible in the work they make. It can be recognized in the music, clothing, instruments, the songs they sing, the medicines they use, the rituals they perform, resulting ancient traditions and passed on from generation to generation. This knowledge is not only essential to keep our culture alive, but also indispensable to reconnect with our ancestors traditions and from here to work on healing the many traumas.

Celebrating Indigenous cultural heritage is the main goal of this project!



Who are we?

  • Rianne Mertens (zakelijk leider) - www.riannemertens.nl

  • Dwayne Toemere (artistiek leider) - www.dwaynetoemere.com

  • Martha Sabajo (voorzitter Wasjikwa & designer)

  • Leander Vermaning (secretaris Wasjikwa & productie)

  • Designers: Regina Timpico, Verida Timpico, Carla Sabajo, Dorethy Brunings, Jennifer Chobin, Martha Sabajo, Rianne Mertens, Dwayne Toemere, Leander Vermaning

  • Modellen: Regina Timpico, Verida Timpico, Dwayne Toemere, Alydia Wever, Juanita Trameh, Priscilla Aramaké, Naomi de Vries, Britney de Vries, Raphaël Timpico, Sander Pilet, Anouk Sabajo, Noa en Imani, Esmeralda en Diego, Tyron en Isaiah, Kitana, Ishana, Seqouya

  • Fotograaf: Eric Smits

  • Design: Tony Pierre

  • Communicatie: Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed

  • Produktie modeshow: Studio Rooff

  • Moderator: Noémi Beyer

  • Artiesten: Wayamu Woreyan, SCV Masaraipono, Amberley Bernabela (foto’s)

  • Verkoop: Tribes Movement