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Design, arts and performance education would ideally be the place to imagine new spaces, be they imaginary or physical. Looking through a radical disability justice lens, showing what knowledge we miss out on, Mira Thompson and Carly Everaert are creating a series of lessons featuring disabled artists, scholars and activists. The first one is on Access Intimacy as coined by disability justice activist Mia Mingus (see Mia Mingus’ work Access Intimacy: The Missing Link | Leaving Evidence ( referring to the “elusive, hard-to-describe feeling when someone else gets your access needs.”

This is the first video lesson in a class series for students/teachers and other interested parties in which Mira Thompson takes us into the history of the Disability Justice movement, the exclusion of disabled people and how the art of disabled artists exposes our interdependence. The class invites us to use this knowledge to dream and make a more inclusive world a reality. Click here to see the trailer for the first video lesson.

Concept: Carly Everaert and Mira Thompson Video: Studio Akatak

Curator and writer Staci Bu Shea (they/them) is currently working on a manual that will be attached to the film. This will include image descriptions, explanations for the assignments and in-depth information.
Access Intimacy is an ATD Lectorate project supported by the Academy of Theatre and Dance. For more information, see:

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