it almost feels like a touch

Emily Gastineau, Miriam Jakob and Setareh Fatehi enter into the concluding phase of a two year research trajectory, the results of which can be shared, seen, heard - and…almost touched. These three master presentations of DAS Choreography are the first series, followed with the master presentations of DAS Theatre at the end of May. You are very warmly invited to join us on 4, 5 & 6 April, for supporting these artists as they welcome an audience into their work.

Artistic research is given an integral role at DAS Graduate School. From the moment of applying to DAS Choreography, candidates are asked to articulate and open the field of questions informing their work. An environment of sustained conversation and praxis is generated to support the research processes. Peer-to-peer dialogue and exchange are key factors in supporting the further articulation of research questions and deepening of artistic practice.

The programme offers a space for slow research, reflection and digestion – with a distance from the production pressures of the professional field. DAS Choreography seeks, in this way, to stimulate artistic research as an open-ended process, such that art can be considered an open-ended object. It is an investment in this specific nature of artistic research, as it has been worded by Lucy Cotter: “Artists work with areas that are not only beyond current thinking on certain subjects and situations, but also off the radar, moving into unknowable territory. They embrace this unknowability, being comfortable with holding open spaces of not knowing that confound traditional research. Artistic research thus revolves around articulating new questions without seeking answers.”1

It almost feels like a touch…

1 Cotter, L 2017 Reclaiming Artistic Research – First Thoughts…. MaHKUscript: Journal of Fine Art Research, 2(1): 1, pp. 1–6

Hiding in plain sight

Artists and curators working in the field of performing arts will share their work with you at the conclusion of an intensive two-year period of master’s research at DAS Theatre, part of DAS Graduate School.

When: Tuesday 28 May 2019 to Sunday 2 June 2019. Free entry; donations welcome. More information will follow soon. Make sure to like us on Facebook, so you’ll receive directly the latest updates!

DAS Graduate School

The Academy of Theatre and Dance (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) established DAS Graduate School in order to bring its master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. DAS Graduate School offers an environment where new ideas, approaches and art practices can be instigated and exchanged; it is a place of research and development, meant to have an impact on the future of the performing arts field.

The four different programmes are: DAS TheatreDAS ChoreographyDAS Creative Producing and DAS Research

Studying at DAS Graduate School

We understand that studying in one of our master’s programmes requires a huge commitment. We'd like to help you prepare. Ask us questions to improve your application, or stop by and find out if studying at DAS Graduate School might be something for you in the future.

You are warmly invited to join us at one of the public events in order to experience what DAS Graduate School could mean for you. At these events you will have an opportunity to speak with our current students, alumni and staff and ask questions about the curriculum and application procedure.


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