Starting in the 2018-2019 school-year the two ATD-courses in contemporary dance, Modern Theatre Dance and Urban Contemporary (JMD), are joining forces! They will merge into a new course Contemporary Dance and Performance (working title). This new course is directed at versatile, co-creating dancers from the full breadth of performing arts, from hiphop to avant-garde.



as of 2018-2019: Contemporary Dance and Performance!

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Open day 27 January 2018

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The Urban Contemporary (JMD) and Modern Theater Dance courses will form the new Contemporary Dance and Performance program from 2018-2019. Upcoming students can enroll in the new Contemporary Dance and Performance programmme!

Current UC/JMD students will complete their education in the next four years within the existing curriculum. In June 2018 they will perform in an exciting final show. They can also be seen in various performances throughout the school year. Keep an eye on the agenda on this website!

About Urban Contemporary (JMD)
At Urban Contemprary (JMD) we teach  our students to master a variety of dance techniques – from classical ballet to hip hop. Our competence-focused teaching will help them discover their distinctive stage identity. As well as training and dancing, singing and acting skills, we pay close attention to the creativity and quality of the students' performance as they develop ability to collaborate, take initiative and reflect on their own work.

This programme is all about dance, and we take our students' creative development as a distinctive performer as our starting point. We challenge them to develop their unique talent. In daily classes we’ll hone dancing, singing and acting skills to a professional level.
The professional practice of musical theatre, contemporary dance and urban jazz is constantly evolving, and we tune our students' training to the latest developments. Tutors will help them define some of their personal training objectives, using learning and development guidelines.

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Programme details

Artistic direction Gerleen Balstra
Study load 240 EC
Study length 4 years, full-time
Language of instruction Dutch and English
CROHO-code 34798 (B Dance)
Title Bachelor of Arts (BA)