Invitation: In the drop by Paula Montecinos Oliva - a 2020 DAS Choreography Master Presentation

Photo: Andy Dockett

Photo: Andy Dockett

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This sonic choreography occurs in a twofold modality: in a digital live broadcast, designed to be listened to with headphones, and simultaneously, for a small audience, in the physical presence in the performative space of the choreography. As such, this sonic choreography aligns with the social distancing measures of the Covid-19 global pandemic and proposes to explore the limits and convergences of virtual and actual presence, and listening as a space for touch at a distance.

Programme & broadcast

  • Wednesday 28th of October 2020 - 19:30-21:00 CET
  • Thursday 29th of October 2020 - 19:30-21:00 CET
  • Location: DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Both performances can be attended remotely via an audio broadcast. It is recommended to listen with headphones. Tune in at:

Due to the Covid-19 safety regulations and limited seating, a confirmed reservation is required to attend the performances at DAS Graduate School. Please note that attendance without a confirmed reservation won’t be possible. Registrations are open until October 24th. Confirmations with further instructions will be sent on October 26thClick here to register.

About In the drop

In the drop is the set-up and crafting of a performative soundspace for re- existence. It is the reassembly of an an-archic body to reimagine a world to come. A sound space that merges precarity and excess, abundance and fragility in a constellation of sonorous events overlapping and agglomerating around listening. An emergent system that involves forces of aliveness and violence, coupled at once, as one.

Working with the performativity of live sound, movement and voice, In the drop is carried out with the aim of subverting anthropocentric and colonial worldviews and modes of relating between bodies and materials, in favor of coexistence, difference and affective proximity.

After the catastrophe, we listen; variegated, we explode. We aim for a bond in complicity and commitment. A perceptual engagement, from the quiet sounds to the noise that stretches listening. We listen through the vertebrae, through the soles of the feet and the back of the mind, for an auditory imagination unbound from capitalism.

In the drop is the culmination of Paula Montecinos Oliva’s two-year research trajectory at DAS Choreography. 

About Paula Montecinos Oliva

Paula Montecinos Oliva (CL) is a dancemaker and performance artist currently based in Amsterdam. With a focus on choreography and sound art, she seeks to critically engage, re-imagine and experiment with topics of power(s), sound, tech and affect(s), to investigate the sonic as a space to extend the modes of perception of space, time and embody energy, and reconfigure performer- spectatorship status.

Paula’s work integrates DIY technologies, somatic practice and movement research and takes on different formats like performance, concerts, sound installations and guided experiences.

Paula has received sponsorship from various arts bodies including the National Arts Council of Chile, Graner Center for Creation Barcelona, Dance-Tech Lake Studios Berlin, Con|VERGE Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen Germany and Jan Kassies Fonds, Amsterdam. She has worked in collaboration with artists and creative platforms in South America and Europe, and is currently finishing her MA at DAS Choreography, Amsterdam.

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