Student profile

The SNDO is looking for prospective students

  • who are motivated, dedicated and devoted to the art form called Dance
  • who have already some experience in dancing, performing and dance making (a dance background is not strictly necessary though highly appreciated)
  • who want to widen the range of their movement vocabulary, challenge their existing view points and expand their creative process and develop performance work
  • who want to develop more awareness of the aesthetic and social implications of their work, and who want to be encouraged to make considered choices in creating a position for themselves in the professional field of the performing arts

English course

Classes in SNDO are given in English.

Students, whose English is not sufficient to follow classes, will need to follow an English course during the summer before starting the first school year. A certificate of completion will need to be shown at the beginning of the school year. Those accepted, whose English is not found to be sufficiently proficient during the audition, will be notified of this in the acceptance letter sent before the summer holidays.