Application and admission

The School for New Dance Development is looking for students who are very motivated to become a dance maker/choreographer. Students who want to widen the range of their movement vocabulary, challenge their existing view points, expand their creative processes, and develop performance work. They are also encouraged to make considered choices in creating a position for themselves in the profession and to be aware of the aesthetic and social implications of their work.

The School will make a pre-selection of candidates that are invited to the audition days.


Every year the SNDO has a three day audition to select prospective students. The audition days include three components: classes in contemporary technique, movement research, improvisation and creating, a motivation talk and a presentation of a short performance. This solo of three minutes should give an idea of the applicant's view on the body and dance.

Classes are given by teachers and graduates from the SNDO. The audition board is formed by an internationally known choreographer, a presenter or programmer of a theater/venue/festival, a SNDO-graduate, two teachers and the artistic director of the SNDO. 

The first day of the audition begins with about 60 chosen applicants. At the end of the second day, a first selection will be made. The third and fourth days will be set up for a group of approximately 25 students, of which a maximum of 15 students will be finally selected to enter the first year of the school.

Auditions for the academic year 2018-2019 are held on 22, 23 and 24 March 2018. The application form is now online, the deadline for application is the 11th of February 2018.

To ensure your place in the auditions we strongly recommend an early application. Students from outside the European Economic Area are advised to apply for a visa by 15 December, because the application takes approximately three months.

About the application form

If you want to participate in the auditions for the School for New Dance Development you have to apply by filling out the application form. This is an online questionnaire, with questions about your preparatory education and dance experience. 

The form consists of six pages. Questions marked with * are compulsory. On the last page you are asked to check all your data and to click agree to send in the form.

Immediately after sending in the form you will receive a confirmation email. A few weeks before the auditions you will receive another email telling you whether or not you are invited to take part in the audition.

Based on the information we receive on the application form a pre-selection is made, after which about 60 applicants get invited to the audition.

Please make sure to check our website and Facebook page to be informed about the next year applications deadline. It is usually announced 4-6 months prior to the auditions. To ensure your place in the auditions we strongly recommend an early application.

More about visa procedures:


If you have any questions please contact:

Esther Arribas, + 31 20 527 7644