What is SNDO? in the words of former students

“Choreography is nothing else but a committed, if not obsessive, exploration of a margin of maneuverability - a fraction of time/space in between the material inertia (of a memory) and the immaterial velocity (of a desire). Sometimes is enough to speak of this margin and you are already dancing it. Sometimes you will need to shut up and move. In any case, the most important thing that you have to learn is how to maintain yourself inside this no man's land where all the safe binaries between body and mind, presence and language, identity and difference are brought into question. That is a one thing that SNDO is good at -  it will burn the binaries for you and then help you dance yourself into and out of the confusion. Once you get this experience it is more likely you will know how to take others on a same journey and acquire a skill of a maker and a choreographer.”

International character

The SNDO has built an international reputation and has students from many different nationalities. Around 99 percent of the students at the school originate from outside the Netherlands. They come from more than forty different countries. The staff and (guest-) teachers are both Dutch and international and the courses are taught in English. Most of the teachers are active in an international professional field of innovative dance.  

The international aspect is an important issue. The education recognizes that every country has its own trends and aesthetics and takes this into consideration in the development of a student's program. The school maintains a large number of international contacts. There are regular student-exchange programs with a number of foreign institutions. The school aims to bring students’ work to different countries and cities.