Organization structure and context

The SNDO is part of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, which is positioned under the umbrella of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The artistic director manages the SNDO along with a staff team (in Dutch “Kernteam”). They are responsible for the course program and day-to-day affairs. Some 45 full and part-time teachers work for the school, most of whom are also working as independent choreographers or dancers.

The SNDO sees as its responsibility to stay informed of current developments, being in critical interaction with the professional field and adapting the curriculum to these changes. Apart from the regular education the SNDO does this by: staying in active and critical dialogue with contemporary themes and politics in the dance profession; stimulating new developments and research in the area of dance development; offering intensive courses, symposia and producing articles that can contribute to further development and improvement in the dance field. The School has held a number of conferences and workshops about dance:  IN SPIRIT (on trance and ecstasy in dance, May/June 2009), The Diva Body (a celebration of theatricality in dance, May/June 2008), The Absent Body (about the material and immaterial dancing body, May/June 2007), Conversations on Choreography (March 1999), Bodies of Influence (June 1996), and The Connected Body (August 1994). These events are presented in a theatre in a mixture of theory and practice, teaching and performing with the aim to find new roads in the education of dance.