About the programme

All dance classes given in the SNDO are framed in the perspective that the students are trained to become choreographers. Physicality does not only refer to the body or the moving body but to the moving person. An SNDO student is supposed to find out for himself/herself what dance is or can be and to redefine or reinvent dance for himself/herself. Consequently, the definition of dance at the SNDO: Dance is who you are.

Dance technique is not taught as the artistic equation of dance, but to provide students with skills for the organization of the body. That is why classes in investigation and research of movement material will help a student to find out who he/she is in movement, meaning to develop a clear and individual movement vocabulary.  To find this individuality a student has to tap into the source of himself/herself. In order to reflect on himself/herself he/she needs awareness, more specifically, Body-Mind Awareness. Awareness is necessary to recognize the unavoidable patterns or habits of movement that every dancer has, patterns that blur what he/she is trying to communicate and that block the development of his vocabulary.

Awareness, or alert perception in the moment, makes free choice possible, integrates body and mind, and therefore makes it possible to create, to change, develop, transform and communicate all at the same time. To let inspiration and creativity come to him/her, a student has to be able or willing to let go of what he/she knows and go to the unknown, to his/her essence Essence is formless.
Essence is where the difference between body and mind is dissolved and where the student finds the ultimate why of his artistic work, in the formlessness. Both form (thought, movement) and formlessness (essence) are needed when making an artistic work. All physical and theory classes taught in the SNDO are based on clear principles of building awareness, and are focused on integrating the body and mind. In that way these principles will help the mind to see the body’s potential for movement from a still position, from different held positions, or while thinking in activity/movement.