Throughout the entire study a fixed hour per week is reserved for individual or group counseling by a study counselor. During the propaedeutic and main phases there are two evaluations or assessment moments: in December and June for the second- and third year students and in February and June for first year students. The results of a student’s development process, presentations and class attendance will be taken into consideration. The theoretical subjects are assessed by way of exams and work projects.


Angela Linssen - artistic director, contemporary dance, internship coaching
Det Rijven - study coaching
Erzi Hoogveld - physical fitness training
Gideon Poirier - classical dance, assistant creation, kernteam
Grainne Delaney - drama, voice
John Taylor - contemporary dance, partner work, assistant creation, kernteam, coaching, internship coaching
Lobke Mienis - experiential anatomy
Maria Ines Villasmil - improvisation, coordinator exchange
Ria Higler - exploration
Rombout Willems - musical theory
Tamara Beudeker - classical dance, assistant creation
Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito - contemporary dance, contact improvisation, assistant  creation, kernteam, coaching
Junitha Plass - classical

Guest teachers
Helga Langen - contemporary dance, floorbarre, Alexander technique,
Heather Ware - contemporary dance
Hildegarde De Baets - Alexander technique, mindfullness
Iva Levic - health and performance paper
Jodi Gilbert - physical theatre
Jurgen Paulusma -
Manuela Tessi
- improvisation
Lia Poole - classical dance, contemporary dance
Liat Waysbort - contemporary dance, physicality
Min Li - classical dance
Roos van Berkel - movement analysis
Zeynep Gündüz - dance history, dance dialogues

Guest Choregraphers
Andrea Leine/Michael Jahoda - creation MTD3, contemporary dance
Antonin Comestaz - creation MTD 2, contemporary dance
Astrid Boons - creation MTD 3, contemporary dance
Cristina Leitão
- creation MTD2, contemporary dance
Daniele Ninarello - creation MTD 3, contemporary dance
Marjolein Vogels/Joao Dinis Pinh - creation/repertoire MTD1
Serge Arthur Dodo - creation MTD 1, african dance

Guest Teachers
Amy Raymond - classical dance
Dario Tortorelli
- classical dance
Igor Podsiadly - workshop club Guy & Roni, contemporary
John Kayongo - African dance
Judith Sanchez Ruiz - workshop
Marta Coronado
- contemporary dance, drumming repertoire
Shahar Biniamini/Iyar Elezra - GAGA repertoire
Valentina Campora - contemporary dance

Collaboration with: