Study programme

Contemporary dance lessons backed up by classical technique lessons and development of your qualities as dance personality/co creator are the dominant theme of this study programme. Working on productions and performing in them are recurring events in which all these facets play a role.

Students are trained to become contemporary performing dancers who collaborate in thinking and actively participate in the work process of the choreographer. Important departure points are a high technical standard, creativity and the development of a (theatrical) personality.

Modern Theatre Dance collaborates extensively with EG/PC. The repertoire of Emio Greco and the background to his work is dealt with comprehensively in workshops during the first three years of the study programme. The repertoire of Club Guy and Roni is also part of the curriculum. Since a number of years, we are also proud to offer third-year students Drumming by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. This extremely diverse repertoire has a major influence on the physical, mental and performing development of our students and their open perspective of contemporary dance.

During the first three years, to bolster dance technical and performance skills, we offer Alexander technique. This technique creates a large physical and spatial consciousness and teaches students to deal effectively with stress and relaxation. The Modern Theatre Dance study programme is one of a few such study programmes where students enjoy weekly lessons in Alexander technique.

Please consult a testimonial by Aimar PĂ©rez Gali, graduate of the Modern Theatre Dance study programme, about his experiences with Alexander technique.