The programme consists of three phases:

Propaedeutic phase
The first year propaedeutic phase establishes the basis for the various dance and theoretical subjects. During this year the aspirant dancer can display his/her potential for becoming a professional dancer. At the end of the year it is decided if the student can progress to the main phase. The main phase is divided into a second and third year and ultimately a fourth year that serves as graduation and internship year. 

Main phase
uring the second year, dance, performance and creative skills as well as theoretical subjects are further expanded and deepened in preparation for the third year in which students work with a wide range of guest teachers to gain more insight and affiliation with the professional work field. During each phase the students work with guest choreographers from the national and international sector.

Graduation and internship year
The fourth year is a graduation year during which students must complete an internship lasting at least 3 months. They are actively involved with the professional work field as much as possible, participating in lessons, workshops, projects and auditions while also establishing contacts with ensembles and choreographers. This phase is concluded with a graduation project in the month of June.

Accreditation and degree

The bachelor's programme in Modern Theatre Dance is a track within the Bachelor Dance. The quality of this programme has been positively assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This means that upon successful completion of the programme students will receive an accredited bachelor's degree and the title Bachelor of Arts. Only accreditated degree programmes are listed in the Dutch central register of higher education programmes (CROHO).

More information on accreditation and degrees