Unfortunately, due to the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that the auditions will take place on the dates indicated. New information about the data and procedure will follow as soon as possible.

The Expanded Contemporary Dance programme welcomes passionate, open-minded students with an inquiring mind, from all cultural backgrounds, dance and performance styles, and parts of the world. Are you a skilled dancer wanting to develop to a professional level in the broad field of contemporary dance? Are you looking to deepen your understanding of your own moving body? Do you wish to expand your dance and performance vocabulary? Are you enthusiastic about exploring many artistic and cultural facets of dance performance? If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, sign up now for the auditions for admission to the 2020-2021 academic year.

There will be three phases of auditions for the Expanded Contemporary Dance programme. Below you will find all  information for each phase.

The audition panel consists of Expanded Contemporary Dance teachers and guest artists.


Pre Selection
option 1:
live in Amsterdam - 6-7 April 2020 (deadline application pre selection live 7 March 2020) 
option 2:  by video - 17 February 2020

Round 1
9 &10 April 2020

Final Round & Jury Decision
11 April 2020


2 options

To accommodate as many candidates as possible, we offer two possibilities for the PRE SELECTION round. Depending on your financial and travel capacity you can either come to Amsterdam or audition by video.

According to schedule, at the Academy of Theatre and Dance:
-a warm up class
-an assignment based on the solo score provided (see info below)

Video of a solo based on the score provided (see info below)

2. ROUND 1

Creative process with a choreographer + classes

Approximately 150 applicants will be selected to take part in round 1.
This phase takes two full days.
- On the first day you will work in a creative process with a choreographer.
- On the second day you will take part in a number of dance and theatre classes.


Creative assignment

Approximately 60 candidates will be selected for the final round.
You will be given a creative assignment and you will be interviewed by members of the panel.


24 students will be invited to enter the first year of Expanded Contemporary Dance.

Only when you have been admitted to the programme, you register as a student at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. You receive a proof of admission and you register for the study programme via Studielink.

PLEASE NOTE: registration for the auditions is via the online application form and NOT via Studielink.


ALL APPLICANTS (option 1 & 2)

Fill out the application form

  • In the first part of the form, fill out your personal details and info about (previous) education & dance experience.
  • The second part contains a questionnaire. It is about getting to know you, and learning about your motivations and interests.

Tip: We recommend that you first download the questionnaire (PDF) and prepare your answers before entering them in the online registration form.

The Application form will be online on 30 October 2019


The live pre-selection will take place on 6-7 April. Please indicate on your application form which is your prefered date.
We will try our best to accomodate your preference, but keep in mind that in case of very high number of applications we cannot guarantee that you will be scheduled on the desired date. 

No later than 9 March you will be notified on which day you will be invited for the live-preselection.

Once you have filled out all the questions, click on «agree» to submit your application.

Leave the video link box blank.

After submitting your application, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation.
Make your travel arrangements as soon as possible. The pre selection rounds on 6 and 7 April start at 9.00 hrs. The final round of the selection will take place on 11 April 2020. Keep that in mind while planning your trip.

Approximately 3 weeks before 6 April 2020, you will receive detailed information about the LIVE pre selection in Amsterdam.


To submit your video, make a video recording of your dance solo and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.
Paste the link to your video in the online registration form.

How to make the video

Using the score (PDF) provided, create your solo. Guidelines and instructions are included in the score. You are required to use the music track provided below. 

All option 2 candidates will be notified no later than 7 March if they are invited to the 1st round on 9 April 2020 in Amsterdam.

Click on the 3 dots to download the music track
(download in Firefox: right-click the audio player and then click Save Audio As)



Do you want to develop as a dancer and performer? Then Expanded Contemporary Dance is the right choice for you. Do you want to create your own work and develop your vision within choreography and performance? Then choose our partner training programme SNDO - School for New Dance Development.

If you have any questions, please contact Anouk Wognum + 31(0)20-5277642 anouk.wognum@ahk.nl