Application and fees

Only young dancers between the ages of 15 and 21 years, with an advanced, semi-professional or professional level of technique will be admitted to the course. Owing to a limited number of places, a selection will be made on the basis of an applicant’s resume and photo’s. Applying for the course does not automatically guarantee a place. Only those candidates who receive a confirmation of acceptance will be admitted to the course.

You can apply for the Amsterdam International Summer School by filling out the digital application form. Among other things you will be asked to upload at least three photographs. These should be full body shots showing:
•    Tendu à la seconde (en face)
•    First arabesque (en profil)
•    Demi plié in first position (en profil)
•    and optional: a dance photo of your own choice
To fill out the form please use the internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Within Safari it is not possible to upload any photos in the application form.
N.B. The uploaded files should be in the format .jpg, .gif or .png and should not exceed 3MB.

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The deadline for applications is Friday 1st of March 2019

With the application there is a non-refundable registration fee of € 25,00 to cover administration costs. Applications, together with the € 25,00 registration fee, must be submitted to us by Friday 1st of March 2019 at the latest.
Applications will be processed only after the application fee has been paid. Due to a limited number of places available, candidates are advised to apply a.s.a.p.

The course fee for the Amsterdam International Summer School is € 1.250,00.
It is only after receiving confirmation of acceptance that candidates will be asked to pay the course fees.
The course fee includes all dance classes (classified according to a participant’s level of skill) and the final presentation. Not included are all drinks, food, personal expenses and accommodation. Those interested in our package deal with the Amsterdam based Stayokay Youth Hostel, will find all necessary information on the accommodation page.

Candidates who have received a confirmation of acceptance will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of € 300,00 within two weeks after their acceptance; the remaining sum of the chosen option must be paid by Monday 15th of April 2019.

N.B. The course fee is excluding any additional transfer costs. Whenever you would like to send money internationally, your bank could charge additional costs. Please contact your provider for any further information about money transfer costs.

Course enrolment is only assured after course fees have been fully paid.
For more information see the terms and conditions

It is mandatory that the participant takes out personal health, travel and accident insurances. The Amsterdam International Summer School team can not be held responsible for any damage or injury, however caused, to any person attending the course or third parties, not for the loss of damage of any property, on or off the premises of the course or of the Stayokay Youth Hostel.


Application form

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