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Auditions Preliminary Course

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Preliminary Course

Would you like to become a dancer?
At the Dutch National Ballet Academy you will be trained to become a professional ballet dancer. In order to become a ballet dancer, you must follow a preparatory course. This is possible at the Dutch National Ballet Academy during the preliminary training, which is intended for children from the age of ten and lasts seven or eight years.

Preliminary education
The preliminary training preferably starts around the age of ten and lasts a total of seven or eight years. The first two years of this run parallel to groups 7 and 8 of primary education. The following four to six years respectively run parallel to the classes of secondary education: vmbo, havo or vwo.

The students follow a schedule in which regular and dance education are offered in combination. To make this possible, the Dance Preparatory Program works together with three schools in Amsterdam: the Olympiaschool (primary education), the Zuiderlicht College (vmbo) and the Gerrit van der Veen School Community (havo and vwo).

Daily classical dance technique lesson

During the preliminary training, the students receive a lesson in classical dance technique every day. In addition, they receive lessons in point shoe technique (for the girls), jumping technique and strength training (for the boys), repertoire, pas de deux, caractère and modern dance. They also perform in performances by Dutch National Ballet. The lessons are given in the new buidig at the Nicolaas Tetterodestraat 13 in Amsterdam.

In the last year of the training, the last year of secondary education, students audition for the HBO phase of the Dutch National Ballet Academy.

Course costs school year 2023-2024
Pupils from the EEA: € 1800 per year
Pupils from outside the EEA: € 3800 per year

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Auditions Preliminary Course

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