Open Day Dutch National Ballet Academy

The open day 2019 will take place on Saturday 9 November 2019.

Once each school year the Dutch National Ballet Academy opens her doors to all those who are interested in taking a look at the pupils and students in classes and  rehearsals.

From 10 ‘o clock in the studios on the fourth floor of the Academy for Theatre and Dance visitors can watch a selection of ballet classes, character classes, contemporary, repertoire, pointe work and world dance classes. Visitors are free to go from one studio to the other to see the different age groups and teachers at work. The youngest pupils will show their work in a world dance class and the B.A. students will be doing a classical ballet class as well as a pas de deux class.

In one of the studios visitors can watch films of school performances and staff members are available all day to give information about the academy.
From one o’clock classes and workshops in ballet, classical repertoire, creative dance, modern and world dance are offered to children (ages 7 to 11) from dance schools all over Holland. These classes are all also taught by teachers from the NBA.

The National Ballet Academy hopes that visitors, both young and older, will be inspired to either take up dance, go to watch ballet in the theatre or in some cases apply for an audition to join the National Ballet Academy.