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Visit to the construction site 8 December

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New premises for the Dutch National Ballet Academy

The Academy of Theatre and Dance gets a new building for the Dutch National Ballet Academy! On 9 May 2022 the foundation stone was laid for the Dutch National Ballet Academy’s new premises at Nicolaas Tetterodestraat, in Amsterdam Overamstel. From the 2023/2024 school year, all classes for the pre-NBA course, preliminary course and Bachelor’s programme will take place there under one roof. At last, the Dutch National Ballet Academy will get the accommodation it deserves as a leading international ballet academy.


Seven ballet studios

The completely new building is designed by the multidisciplinary design agency PPHP Mollink Soeters, and is the result of an intensive collaboration between real estate agency Zadelhoff|Nijkerk, Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), the university’s Academy of Theatre and Dance and its department the Dutch National Ballet Academy. he new premises will have seven ballet studios, one of which will also be used as a big performance space. And there’ll be classrooms for regular and theory lessons, rest rooms, offices and all sorts. The interior design is done by studio RIANKNOP.

Ideally situated

Important points in the choice of Nicolaas Tetterodestraat for the new premises were its central location and good accessibility. From the nearby metro station, it takes only quarter of an hour to get to Dutch National Opera & Ballet, which houses Dutch National Ballet, and to the Gerrit van der Veen College, where the pupils of NBA 3 to NBA 7 take their regular education. In addition, there are various train stations within easy reach and plenty of parking spaces at the new premises, which is particularly important for the parents of the youngest pupils. It will also still be easy and quick to get to our present location in the Academy of Theatre and Dance at Jodenbreestraat. We’ve absolutely no intention of creating a sort of ‘ballet island’ at the new premises. We want to continue working intensively – and preferably even more intensively – with the other courses at the Academy of Theatre and Dance.


Follow the construction process!

Foto 1

Foto 2

Nieuwbouw NBA 3

Foto 3

Foto 4

Foto 5

Foto 6

Foto 7

Foto 8

Foto 9

Foto 10

Foto 11

Foto 12

Foto 13

Foto 14

Foto 15

Foto 16

Foto 18

Foto 19

On the slideshow shown above, we will keep you informed of the construction process:

Photo 19
Signing on completion of the new building by Mr. Jeffry Jacobs of Heembouw and Erik Duiker of the AHK

Photo 18

Photo 16 & 17
Almost finished!

Photo 13 & 14
Finishing of the studio hall

Photo 9, 10, 11, 12 Highest point reached!
On 19 October, the highest point of the National Ballet Academy's new location was reached.

Photo 7 & 8 Contours becoming visible
The contours are now becoming visible! Nice to see. The walls are upright, we can start with the floor on the first floor and place the construction to continue with the second floor.

Photo 5 & 6 Pouring of circular concrete
The sustainable and circular concrete has been poured. We can start with the installation of the frame and the walls.

Photo 3 & 4: Drilling completed
We have finished drilling all 161 piles! The contruction site has been set up and we can now start pouring the foundation.

Photos 1 & 2: Celebration of foundation
The foundation was laid on 9 May 2022 and on this sunny day we started the construction of the new NBA education centre in the Kauwgomballenkwartier in Amsterdam.


Visit to the construction site 8 December

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