Benjamin Kamino - real’s fiction

AKA the choreographic surface AKA semitone & carrier AKA the choreographic’s surface AKA grass feels AKA semitone carrier AKA so too shall we all become grass AKA real fiction AKA carrier; semitone AKA grass fields AKA…

work made by Benjamin Kamino with contributions from the collaborative team.

This evening’s presentation will attempt to enliven some conceptual research tended to by Kamino over the past several years. Namely the idea of the choreographic surface which stands as a theoretical undoing of the liminal space between what is real and what is not yet real.

Two of Kamino’s current studio practices will be staged in service of this work. They are: carrier, a scenographic research into the agency of spaces as events and occasions which prescribe movement while standing also as records of listening, and semitone, a dance which asks it’s participants to produce sound through actions of listening and to sit with-in a field of continuous self-imposed dissonance.

This presentation is the final public moment of Kamino’s MA in choreography at DAS Graduate School. For him it is a chance to continue experimenting; to continue the openings and foldings of criticality upheld in the nature of the program. By such reasoning it must be made clear that this is not a “show” but a last chance [and lasting chance] to position some “things” under the refracting view of his outstanding colleagues.

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